Today, I quit…and so should you.

I quit the idea that I am suppose to be perfect.  I’m quitting the expectation that I can do it all.  Because…

I can’t.

None of us can.  I can homeschool my kids and keep a clean house, or I can do one or the other and relax before 11:30 p.m.  

I can work like crazy designing perfect slide decks for my classes, or I can give my pets the same love they give me.

I can play chauffeur to this aspiring dancer, or I can spend the night preparing our tax documents.

But I can’t do it all.

I quit the pressure of the expectation that perfection is expected.  (Say that three times fast.). 

Who decided that self-worth included being perfect at every role you fill?  (Because I’m gonna find that person and beat them up.)

Instead of winning at everything, here is what I’m choosing…

I’m choosing to release the idea that I can get it all done everyday.  Let’s be honest…I can’t get one day’s worth of “all done” in a week.  I’m going to stop trying to expect that I can get it “all done” in a day.  

I quit.

I am going to quit feeling guilty about the invitations I turn down.  Girls brunch?  Sounds fun, but no.  Neighborhood poker party?  Enjoy my hubby’s charm and money, but I’ll pass.  Your dog’s adoption party? I’m sure it will be fabulous, but count me out.  

I quit.  

I’m done trying to be someone that I simply am not.  Does that mean that I’m never leaving my house and forgetting that I have amazing friends who might want to see my face somewhere other than Facebook? Of course not!

But it does mean that I’m done with apologizing for the space I occupy, however imperfect as it may be.

If I want to post 8 million Facebook pictures of dancer girl while I barricade myself in a hotel room…I will.  If you’re tired of seeing her, just keep on scrolln’.

If I decide that spending the night sipping my wine on the couch with hubby while the boy memorizes Minecraft songs on the piano…then I will.  The piles of dog hair will still be waiting on the floor for me tomorrow.

If the fridge isn’t perfectly stocked and we have to “figure out” dinner, then so be it. No one has starved to death in our house yet.

The truth is, at the end of the day, my inner peace is fueled by processing emotions and rest.  Perfection doesn’t have a place at my table anymore.  

I’ll be showing up makeup-less, but happy.  I’ll be dealing with wrinkled laundry, but happy that it’s wrinkled and at peace because I chose rest over productivity.  I’ll be drinking the extra glass of wine that I know I shouldn’t, and my house will be coated with a fine layer of German Shepherd hair…because let’s be honest, there’s no way I’m managing that anyhow.

I’ll be turning down anything that doesn’t bring me happiness, and I’ll judge myself less for the messy kitchen.

I quit.  

The idea that perfection is attainable is ridiculous, and I can’t do it all.  

None of us can! Nor should we try.  We should stop looking at the fake Instagram profiles that exude a sense of “doing it all”. Better yet, we should look at those profiles and know that behind that IG filter is a mom who is killing herself to show the world how happy she is at perfection.  

Perfection is a killer of happiness.  Striving for perfection should be reserved for zero deduction cheer routines, my husband’s yummy dinners, and the way a sun sets in the Arizona desert.

Instead of doing it all and striving for perfection, I’ll do what I can.

And that will be enough for anyone who loves me.

Be grateful, water your own grass,

…and drink coffee.

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  1. I haven’t read all your recent amaze balls blogs, so I’m glad I read this!!! It was ERRR THANG I needed to read. I also quit. Quit giving a F about everything but myself!!! I’m important too! Love you Ang 💜

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