Snuggles make everything better.

Life is more fun when you splash in the puddles.

A good meal solves most of your problems.

Modern medicine is great, but it doesn’t work miracles.  Only God can do that.

Being unique doesn’t make us any less lovable.  In fact, being unique makes us more lovable.

Sometimes we all just need to be wrapped up tightly in blankets and loved.

Real love doesn’t know any boundaries.

Young girls grow up real fast when they love something fiercely.

The best things in life aren’t contained on a screen.  

Sometimes you just need others to take care of you.

It’s okay not to be okay.

Holes in your heart never go away, they just fill up with memories.

It is hard to let go, but sometimes it is the right choice when you love something so much.

Loving is hard…and worth it anyway.

Be grateful, water your own grass,

…and drink coffee.

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