My final tribute to The Dance Spot…the people who taught our tiny dancer what passion is…

Dear dance family,


I’m a liar.

For the past eight years I’ve made this post-recital post, and I’ve sworn that Matt and I would never take our tiny dancer anywhere but The Dance Spot. This year, I can’t make that claim.

In a matter of hours, we will pack up her dance costumes, the rest of our home, and our tiny dancer. We will leave. We will be tearing her away from the place she’s called home since she can remember at the age of two.

We will move her across the country and try our best to find another studio that will fulfill her energetic, “flip at any time” heart.

But this one…she’s loyal. No one will fill the shoes of those whom she leaves behind.

There will never be another Em and M (our sweet McKenna), there will never be another Olivia (her dance “sister”), there will never be another #sassysquad, and there will NEVER be another Mindy (that one hurts the most… 😥).

I hope and pray she’ll find another place to call her second home, but I know for a fact that no place and no people could ever replace all of you.

Because of you, she has learned how to be graceful, yet sassy. She has learned how to be humble (😂 at times 🤦‍♀️), and how to give kudos to those better than her.

She has learned how to memorize five songs’ choreography at once, and what to do when she forgets it all in front of two hundred people.

She has learned to be a team player, to laugh at her mistakes, and how to get up when she falls.

She has learned how to handle all things with grace, composure, and grit. She’ll need those lessons the most right now.

Most importantly of all, she’s learned that people are inherently good, life can sometimes be tough, and when all else fails…dance.

You all know I could go on and on and write you a novel, but I think there are no more words or tears that can say exactly how I feel.

But this much I know…

When life gets tough, we will dance.

And we will think of all of you. ❤️

#thefinale #justdance #ourstudioisforever


A grateful dance mom

Be grateful (for dance families), water your own grass (with grateful tears),

…and drink coffee…and maybe a little wine.

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